Constellation/Dissertation (Journey so far)

Before the summer I wanted to look into how was the portrayal of celebrity’ in the Pop Art movement and discuss this in my dissertation. We then worked towards providing a plan of what we would be discussing and what sources we were going to use. This was marked and I was pleased with the result. I know I am not the best at writing especially academically so this was always going to be a difficult task for me.

Over the summer we needed to prepare for our dissertation draft, so I took lots of books home to read. Not only am I bad at writing but I am worse at reading. This is because I am a slow reader and tend to lose concentration easily. I found myself watching lots of documentaries and videos on the subjects because this seemed easier for me to absorb the knowledge. When reading up and absorbing the knowledge I found out that my discussion was very broad so I felt a bit lost in trying to collect all this knowledge.

When I got back into University I had a talk with Jayne and spoke about the troubles I was having trying to find focus in my question and she suggested I try automatic writing. And as mad as it was I found it worked. I wanted to focus in on Andy Warhol and his celebrity brand, but I also was interested in his portrayal of other celebrities especially Marilyn Monroe. Once I started researching more into her life and how she became a celebrity I found lots of similarities between them. I finally found a starting point for my dissertation, sadly this clarity came a little too late for the dissertation draft submission.

I managed to submit a sample of the discussion I wanted to talk about and I know it was shoddy because it was very rushed. To be honest it was more of a plan than a draft so I was not expecting good marks from this (even though I know it wasn’t marked properly). I was surprised by the results because I think Jayne was fair on me. I agree with all the things that were mentioned in the feedback and I hope to work on these from now until the deadline. I need to work more on my language and try not to make it sound too informal.

Overall I am excited about my topic but I need to set myself time to actually crack on with it. I think I need to push myself everyday to write some because at the moment I am falling behind on dissertation due to Subject and the projects I am working on there. I need to beware of my language and use proper terminology. If I follow a plan and work on it everyday/every other day I hope to get the gist of it done and I can spend my time on working on how I can develop my language later.



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