Cleaning the Ceramic and Glass found objects

Cleaning the found objects is an important job because if I want to transform them in to jewellery then they will be in contact with skin and could have some nasty germs still on the porous surfaces, so I need to clean the pieces carefully.

The first step is rinsing the dirt and residue off the surfaces with hot water and a sponge. Next I leave them to dry and once dry I use bleach and gently rub over the surfaces to kill the germs, I rinse off the bleach and lastly I use boiled water and soak the pieces for half an hour to kill off anymore germs.

This should get rid of any germs and bacteria found on the surface. If I am going to be using glazes on the ceramic pieces, once I fire them the heat will remove any impurities on the object so this would be beneficial in that way. If I want to remove dirt from the glass I use a scourer pad and bleach this should remove any bacteria.

Cleaning is important because I don’t want people to become ill from the jewellery I have made.


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