Wooden Pendant Test.

I looked at how I could combine wood and the ceramic fragment in a pendant form for a necklace, this was just a test to see how I would experiment with shape and how the ceramic fragment would sit in the wood.

I was pleased with the idea of having the ceramic piece laying in the wood and then the wood becomes a frame which seems to add to the worth of the ceramic piece (sort of relating to the idea of you only frame ‘precious’ things). The wood is shaped into the form of a pebble relating back to place and finding the ceramic pieces among-st the pebbles and sand.

The process is time consuming because of the vast amount of sanding and trying to get the fragment to fit within the wood, but I think the amount of time taken on this would reflect the passion and interest I have for the concept behind this idea.

To add more of an interest and to tidy up the fragment, I intend to add a silver luster to bring out the sides and back, (maybe not the sides now as they are hidden within the wooden shell) but this will tidy up the back and get rid of the discoloration that has appeared. For some samples I used silver leaf paint, and painted on a layer on the ceramic fragment but also on the inside of the wood.

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