Video and editing

Last week I took a video of my journey walking through the forest to get to a river bank to collect my found objects. This was my first test to see how the outcome would look. Bearing in mind I have never worked with videography before I decided to have a go because I want to be able to document my journey of finding these objects. This was a different journey because I wouldn’t normally visit this river bank, its a little further down from where I would normally collect the found objects.

I started recording on my mobile phone because it has a reasonably good quality camera and also is portable, maybe for my next journey I could look into borrowing a ‘Go Pro’ because I hear they are great for capturing a journey. My first mistake was because I was handling my camera the picture is shaky and a bit all over the place. I need to be aware of this next time and possibly make a harness for the camera to sit upon. I also went along with another person who was walking in front of me but I thought this helped capture the idea of ‘following’ our journey.

The recording seemed to be the easy bit because I wanted it to be as natural as possible but the next part is editing. I will need to remove the sound because it was myself and my mother having a laugh, so I could maybe add just a simple soundtrack to add a bit of interest. I could possibly record the sounds of the forestry on my own and add them in at a later date. The next would be to speed up the journey because it took about 20 minutes and I am pretty sure the viewer would lose interest. and finally I will need to add the other videos of making afterwards to document my making. This is an exciting journey for me and my practice and I hope I can reflect that in the video.



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