Reflection on the term so far

This term has proved to be a challenging one and is constantly questioning my abilities. I feel as a maker I am quite slow in the way I work and think and this is causing me to have meltdowns. I have missed a few days due to illness and now I feel more lost than ever. I have had my dissertation draft feedback and I knew in my heart it wasn’t going to be the best because I am still thinking of my final question I want to talk and debate about. How can I write and answer that if I am still unsure. I am struggling to lend my time wisely between subject, constellation and also home life. There are lots of things going on around me and it seems I am struggling to focus and get back motivated. Due to being ill, I haven’t been able to do much this week as I haven’t been able to raise my head from my pillow. I need to start making time for all my responsibilities in the day, maybe I could do 2 hours dissertation, and fix my subject and home life around that. I am finding it incredibly difficult, and I just hope I can sort myself out soon enough because time seems to be passing me by rather swiftly.



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