Wooden Rings? Ideas

After my pitch Ingrid and I spoke about materials and what I would be using to make jewellery, I knew that wire was the easy option but not necessarily the best option to go for, and my jewellery would become anyone could make. I needed to look into more ideas of materials and processes to use that was reasonably cheap and also that fitted well with my found objects. I drew up a mind map of ideas and the main 4 was Pewter/Silver/wood and Ceramic. Pewter is positive for jewellery making because of the silver like quality, the weight of the material and the durability, but is difficult to mould and shape and would need a 2-part mould. Silver is great for jewellery making and is popular but is expensive. Wood is positive as its reasonably easy to source, natural quality and can get cheaply but the negatives would be that it would need to be treated and may be difficult to form. Ceramics would be positive because of the many options of glazing, easy to source in university and also mould-able into almost any shape but on the other-hand I would need to remember shrinkage and sizing would be difficult.

In my wood study group I spoke to Huw about that idea and he told me the options and queries I would have to face with using wood. He mentioned how I could attach the ceramic/glass to the wood? I could possibly use pins/a strong bonding agent. He also spoke about what type of woods I could use like close grain hardwood, terk, lignum-vitae, ebony, walnut and oak. We also spoke about what problems would arise and also about what I could finish them with. oils/paints/glosses.

All these talks has really got me thinking and I really need to start trials with them to experiment a bit more. At the moment wood is looking to be the best option.


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