Notes based on Art, Craft and Design.

DESIGN- Good design problem solves through the use of new knowledge to inform products which are functional and aesthetically pleasing.
We communicate the findings of new knowledge whilst working with advanced technologies to extend our material understanding.
Furthermore, we explore and push material properties in order to create durable and sustainable design, which challenges orthodoxies and archetypes, improving both the human and geographical environment.
All we produce aims to be commercially viable and may challenge the market.

ART-With strong intention, clarity and self-belief we challenge perception in order to make people engage with a concept and explore their senses. At times we may capture memories, evoke personal sentiment, collaborate, shock or give people a sense of their space to achieve artistic recognition.

CRAFT -The importance of process and materials can conserve tradition. In addition to this, a craftsman’s ability to exploit and extend materials also develops and challenges these traditions. Through re-purposing materials, our skill can recreate lost craftsmanship, therefore challenging the markets. As craftsmen we use time and labour to demonstrate skill; enabling us to leave a legacy.


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