Materiality Talk with Zoe

We had a talk from Zoe a ceramic artist who works in the university about materiality. We first had to explain what we thought materiality was. The definition is “Materiality- the state or quality of being physical or material, the quality of being composed by matter” we also spoke about immateriality and the definitions of this is “Immateriality- of no essential consequence; unimportant, not pertinent; irrelevant, not material; incorporeal; spiritual.” This was interesting to hear, and later we read a text by Tim Ingold called ‘Materials against Materiality’ where we had to get an understanding of what was being said about materiality in an academic text. In this text Ingold spoke about how everything has materiality and that materiality is not a static thing because it exists in everything and everyone (we are submerged in materials like air, rocks, dirt and everything has materiality). She then spoke about her work and how she worked with flux in the glazing process and how it was a critical element in her conceptual meaning but also in the making process. 

This talk was very important in the motivation of finding and sourcing the best materials for using in your own work and you need to relate to the histories of these objects and how would they talk with the other materials and processes you will be using in your work. This talk really made me question my own material choices.


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