Foraging, Making, QR Codes, Geocaching, Finders Keepers.

From our pitch I have been thinking a lot about geocaching and how I could document my journey and give something to the viewer. I want to be able to document my journey through finding the object, the making process and possibly the finding process through geocaching. I want the owner of this object see the process of the finding/making and giving back, I hope to do this through documentation of a video and maybe had a QR code on the object/note with the object. I think the journey of the piece would be a good to keep with the object because it shows I am adding to the history of the object but I also give that history onto the person who finds the ring/necklace.

I will need to research more into geocaching and also experimentation of a QR code. This is just an idea at the moment but I am excited about the documentation of the piece and also adding to the history of that and the gifting of the object.


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