First Wooden Ring Making Test

For the rings themselves I wanted to explore with an easy and affordable material that would also work well with the ceramic and glass, so I looked at wood and how wooden rings are crafted and decided I would test some to see what the results could be. In the video I looked at for making your own wooden rings they suggested I use a hard wood because of durability. The only wood I had to had was wood salvaged from the bottom of a bed frame, and this was hard wood.

The first step was to drill a hole similar to a ring size, as this will be the same your finger your ring will go on. (don’t worry if its a little small you can sand it out to make it larger).

The next step was to draw a larger circle around that. (this needs to be accurate because you will get off course as I found out during this one), Once you have done that you can cut around it roughly, after that you can begin to sand down the sides to form a more circular ring. I used a dremel to sand around the edges and you begin to get the form you want.

When using the dremel be careful to keep it at a straight angle at first and keep an eye out on all the angles. Here is my first trial of making a wooden ring.

The outcome wasn’t too bad for my first attempt considering I thought it would snap or chip but it was reasonably a good all-rounder, but for my next sample I need to make a clear outer-circle to follow and also trial more with the circling off with the edge, but for a cheap material for my rings this is looking pretty good.

I would need to add treatment on the wood so it wouldn’t deteriorate and break away. I will need to look more into hard woods that are not expensive and treatment options for finishing.



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