Feedback from the Pitch

This morning I had to present my pitch. I tend to present quite poorly because I let my nerves get the better of me but I think I managed to present my ideas well. The general feedback was that I need to find a way to make these found objects more of worth, be that adding silver leaf/gold leaf of polishing up the sides. I also need to look at how I could incorporate the place. Ingrid thought a good idea would be to either engrave onto the glass or with the ceramics have vinyl print to place on that object of maybe a QR code or even the map being included. She liked the idea of having these items cheaply or even free for the public. She spoke of geocaching and how I could make these objects and hide them in a location for people to take and travel with them. These were all really good ideas and I really need to start researching geocaching because I am a newcomer to this. I will have to also get my products up to a high standard because this is what worries me, the idea is there but how well I execute it is solely up to my practice. I was also suggested to look at Carol Gwizdak and Caroline Slotte who could prove helpful to my research.

I will start with trials of sanding down some edges of the glass and try to get a almost emerald like quality, with a high polish to the sides. I think I will need to research into ceramic vinyl and how I can get my hands on this. I also need to produce good quality jewelry fixings or items for these items to sit on. I want to make these quite cheaply so I need to remember that when I look at quality of material and or prices for that.


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