Caroline Slotte

Caroline Slotte is a ceramic artist from Finland who re-uses old ceramic plates and bowls and manipulates them so they take on a new meaning. I was suggested to look at this artist by Ingrid and I have fallen in love with the use of negative space in her pieces. Like her I am taking old ceramic objects and manipulating them back into something of use again. Like Slotte I want to explore narrative of the piece and also the previous memories of these pieces, because these are what I find interesting in the found objects. Another great artist to research and relate back to my own practice.

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“The reworking of second hand objects play a pivotal role in Caroline Slotte´s practice. She manipulates found materials, primarily ceramic everyday items, so that they take on new meanings. The tensions between the recognizable and the enigmatic, the ordinary and the unexpected are recurring thematic concerns. More recent explorations reveal an expanded interest in material perception and material recognition, teasing out situations where the initial visual identification fails resulting in an unsettling state of material confusion. Demonstrating an engaged sensitivity towards the associations, memories and narratives inherent in the objects, Slotte´s intricate physical interventions allows us to see things we would otherwise not have seen.”



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