My Pitch Slideshow and Notes



1) After our summer project I found a similarity in the artists I and researched, and that was the use of found objects. 
The majority of these artists used objects that they had found and acquired and reused them in their own work 
be they installations by Duran 
Works of art by Pollock Giarddelli and Harries 
Table ware by Kamoshita 
Or shrines by Nevelson 
The found object is what interested me.


2) I first had to source the materials that I was going to be using,
 so I started in a familiar location to me, this was the Ivor woods.
 I started to follow the river onto a pebbled shore. 

3) On that pebble shore I found objects such as glass, ceramic fragments, cans,
 bottles, and plastic pieces. 
These objects were either dumped there or washed up on the shore. 
I took a handful of these objects and brought them home. 
4) After washing and cleaning them to remove all the mud and dirt 
I uncovered very interesting objects. 
I found myself drawn to the potsherd and Broken Glass. 
The glass interested me because of the scratched surface and 
the few embossed letters that still remained. 
I was also interested in the ceramic fragments because 
of the patterns and how the bright glazes had remained 
despite being washed up and covered up in mud. 
I was also interested in how these forms looked, 
each of them had a unique shape. 
I then found myself thinking of the Histories 
of these objects and the mysteries behind them. 
Where did they come from? 
What did they look like before? 
Who owned these objects? 
Who threw them out? 
Why were they thrown out? 
How did they get into my hands? 
These objects were washed up on the River shore yet they still had
 beautiful qualities like the lettering on the glass and the bright 
remaining glazes on the potsherd. 
I wanted to take these broken, lost objects and use them in my work.

I started to think about how I could use these objects in my work. So I thought, what about having them as wearable jewellery. If these objects were wearable they could have a new life and have new owners. So for the cabinet project I simply wound around wire and made them into wearable functional objects again. This was fun and successful but I wanted to do something more. I wanted to look at how I could incorporate the location, so they wouldn’t lose their history and also add more decoration to make them more appealing.


I looked at Tom Ferreo and his New Zealand journal rings.
 Ferreo visited New Zealand and took objects from there 
and trapped them inside these rings along with the coordinates 
of where he found them, embossed on the side.
 In his rings he used natural materials like shells, ferns and leaves, 
whereas in mine I am using man-made objects which don't need to be preserved
 in resin to sustain them. I really love his work and the idea of taking a 
piece of that place with you wherever you go. 

so I started drawing up ideas of how I would incorporate these places back into the object. I look at adding lettering, place names, or features of the place, like the river waves or natural things that surrounds it. I looked and how these objects would look all together in one item of jewellery. I also looked at the texture and the shapes and if the pieces could fit together again in some shape or form. To me these object had beauty but I needed to add something more to make them appealing to others.


I looked at why I love these objects so much. With the glass I really loved the lettering and how few letters still remained, so I need to find a way I can highlight that. And with a ceramic fragments I really loved the patterns and the bright glazes. So how could I emphasize them. The only thing was the edges of these patterns how could I improve these. How can I make these broken lost items appealing again?


I went on to research kintsugi the Japanese tradition of golden joinery and
fixing a broken object by highlighting the cracks with golden lacquer.
 Kintsugi treats the breakage and the repair of the object as a part of the 
history of the object, rather than something to disguise. I also want to 
highlight the beauty of the broken object in my work. I want to take these
 broken man-made objects and transform them back into something of use and 
of worth.
I started my experimenting of How I Could highlight the Beauty in these object 
and add worth. I tried solder on the sides, I tried following the edge with wire
 to emphasize the shape. I tried painting on the glass letters to bring out the
 typography. I also tried using silver leaf which deemed quite successful. 

so why am I doing this? I love the idea of finding these broken discarded objects in a certain location and taking them in, injecting them with worth and decoration, to make them into something wearable and functional again. These objects have a history and I don’t want that history to end with them still being stuck in the Riverbed. I want them to become owned again and I want them to have a new life. I am going to make a jewellery collection of all these found objects. I want to do this with the reminder that I want these items to be affordable because I want people to buy them. I want these to be worn by the public and not to be set up in a cabinet in the Tate or being shown once in a catwalk and thrown away, No I want these objects to have a new life and a fulfilling one. For me as a Maker I want to take these man-made objects that have been broken and discarded and turn them back into something of use and that will give the object meaning again with added worth. The beauty in a broken object really appeals to me. And by creating these pieces not only am I making beautiful objects but I am also tidying up the area from where they are found.



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