Ideas made and Maquettes.

For our cabinet projects we needed to make a maquette/form to put in a shelf of that cabinet. This was to help us get straight back into making and get the ideas flowing for the  term. I found the summer project really helpful for my own ideas because I took similar ideas from them. I focused on looking at found objects and recycling.

I went to find found materials in various locations from the sea to the local forest and river. I then came across potsherd and glass. I was drawn to these items because of the history behind them.

Once I collected my objects I began to play around with wire and made them into wearable objects (after giving them a good clean of course). Here are my outcomes.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I was pleased with the combination of materials because the silver metal wire looked lovely against the bright blues and white cracked ceramic shard. I would like to explore more and look at how I could incorporate the edge a bit more as it needs to stand out more to help define the shape, and also the colour is not that attractive. I think by adding silver wire it helps to increase the worth and value a bit more.



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