Drawing up Ideas.

The main concern in the making process is the sourcing of the potsherd, I need to keep changing my locations in order to find more and collect more. Most of the potsherd I find is just plain ceramic shards so maybe I could alter them into something more interesting to use, by possibly drawing onto the surface or adding different materials. I am really happy with some of the potsherd I have already found because this will be the starting point for my jewellery making.

I have started sketching up ideas of what might work well alongside my potsherd. Here are some of the designs. All the designs here are a combination of the potshard and wire.


In the first design I wanted to incorporate the rivers waves crashing against the rocks and shard.  In the one below that I wanted to test out simplistic designs, so here is a wire cage to hold the shard in place. The one below that is a narrative one with the place name written on top with wire, this was to get an understanding of where it came from, like a sort of documentation. The one on the top right hand page is a collective idea of multiple shards found and wrapped in wire to join together in a collar necklace. Here I wanted to see how they would look as a collective. The one below that is a leaf design formed from the wire and this was to incorporate the natural elements these shards were found in. And the last one was a test of a wire ring out of the smaller shards.

I will need to start experimenting with all these ideas and test out what works best and what does not. I am excited to see what these pieces could become.


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