Researching Wearable Found Objects


After a look online I gathered a Pinterest board of all my research I found. I found found objects which was placed in resin. I found objects that was held in by wire wrapping and also some ideas of narrating an  objects with playful imagery. I found some really lovely objects and this was beneficial because it gave me a rough idea of what I want to do to my objects.

One artist that stood out to me and that was Tom Ferrero and his ‘New Zealand Journal Rings’ made from silver, resin, assorted found objects from New Zealand. Ferrero uses his surroundings as an influence and takes a piece from that place (like shells, ferns, leaves.ect) and traps them in resin and marks the silver with the co-ordinates of where he found the objects. I really loved the idea of this documentation and having the co-ordinates is so clever. I also want to take found objects from a location and capture them in a wearable object. I really love these rings.

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Looking closely at my found potsherd they are really interesting shapes, textures and patterns and I don’t want to lose that in any way. If I was to hold them in resin would it lose the touchy-feely quality which personally I think it needs to help understand the history of the piece. Maybe wrapping in wire would be a good start and if I can’t reach the quality I am after I shall look further into resin.



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