Potsherd:-a broken piece of ceramic material, especially one found on an archaeological site.



After cleaning by found objects from the Ivor River I discovered some potsherd and I was in love with the bright and patterned exterior. To me they were really beautiful and they were the objects I wanted to give life to again and re-use them in my work. Bellow shows a map of the river I was searching by and also a video of of me exploring the area.


Why am I so interested in potsherds?

I think its because its a found object from a specific place in my case the river and I was drawn in by the bright colours and the beautiful Japanese pattern. I love the idea and thoughts of what these fragments could have been in a previous state, was it a pot/vessel/cups or bowls, and who might have owned them. They have a history to them. I love the various shapes and sizes these fragments come in, are are unique. And to me I love the idea of giving the lost and broken objects a new life by transforming them into something wearable.






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