Mingle Event-Starting your own Business.

I attended a mingle event on Tuesday, this event is an informal networking event with successful entrepreneurs . I signed up because Karen Dell’armi a jewellery designer was going to be a guest there, and as I have an interest in jewellery and possibly starting up my own jewellery design company I thought it would be beneficial to attend. There was three guest speakers these were, Oliver Norcott, Cardiff Met graduate & freelance graphic designer, Megan a Massage Therapist and Karen Dell’armi a contemporary jewellery designer and maker.

All the guests spoke and we had an opportunity at the end to ask any questions. The first to speak was Oliver Norcott who is a graphic designer. The tips and advice I gathered from his talk was that networking is key and working alongside different companies help build these connections. The next to speak was Megan and she started his business launch with the ‘Countdown to launch’ program. She said her business became popular due to word of mouth, and reviews of her services. She spoke about networking at popular events but also added trials and vouchers to be successful. The last person to speak was Karen and her advice was to get your name out there, start with craft fairs/school fetes and build up your  clientele. She said it was important to talk about your passion and ideas, because people can help build on them. She spoke about how the Jewellery world is competitive but you shouldn’t be put off and show your uniqueness. The important idea was to stay fresh with new collections and plan ahead.

This event really did give me an insight to having my own business and how it could be beneficial but also the down falls to it, it has given me a lot to think about. I first need to start perfecting my products and possibly get others opinions of them.


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