Drawing Inspiration (Craft in the Bay)

The first artist at the ‘Drawing Inspiration’ exhibit I saw was Kate Haywood, I have seen her work in the ‘Weave’ exhibition and it was really lovely to see her drawings and sculptural influences. I found this insightful to view because of the materials she uses to influence her. There was imagery of gloves, goats and neck pieces and from this she creates these beautiful cord and porcelain combinations.

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The next artist I saw was Megan Ocheduszko with her jewellery. Not only was I drawn in with her obscure fur jewellery but also her detailed drawings, I found them to be really beautiful.

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I really like Julia Griffiths Jones drawings also, they were linear with lots of colour which worked really well. Her illustration looked great on enamel and flannel backgrounds, they were quirky and fun.

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I was also inspired by Elizabeth Turrell’s mark making with enamel on recycled steel cooker panel and Clare Florey Hitchcox’s intricate and detailed drawings and prints.

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