After ‘Petcha Kutcha’ Thoughts and Progress.

After presenting my Petcha Kutcha to the class I had feedback which I felt I need to have a think about, my presentation was torn between my love for expressive collage with found materials alongside my love for wearable objects with reclaimed materials and also found objects.

I need to think more about what objects I can make or present for my final show, but before hand I need to source objects. I think I should start to find 4-5 places where I can collect/acquire reclaimed objects or pick up objects left as rubbish or trash?

I believe I should start at the beach because a lot of works I have sourced have referenced the beach like Arthur Giardelli ‘The sea’s edge’, Jackson Pollock’s ‘Full Fathom Five’, Tomomi Kamoshita’s ‘A Gift from the Waves’ and Alejandro Duran’s ‘The Spill’.

I visited Aberthaw beach on friday and picked up objects along the pebble shore. I walked in a reasonably straight line and picked up objects that took my interest. I documented my journey.

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The objects I found included, gloves, driftwood, bottle caps, sunglasses frame and a wheel. A lot of objects I found were just trash so I recycled a lot of bottles and cans. I loved the drift wood and seemed to pick up a lot of it. By looking at my objects I am still unsure of what I am going to be making as of yet, I am still liking the idea of having something wearable which is made from recycled trash.

The next place I visited was down the local river near me. I followed the river until I found a pebbled bay, and upon looking closer at the pebbles I found some glass and ceramic fragments. I started to collect a range of glass and any ceramic pieces I found. The next step is to clean and polish up the pieces in hope for them to be recycled in my work. I found some really interesting glass with letters on the surface maybe from drinking bottles and also some really lovely patterned ceramic fragments possibly from plates and cups.

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