GESAMTKUNSTWERK (Paul Foeckler- Split Grain)

I have found this artist called Paul Foeckler, whilst looking last year for our ‘Delight in light’ project and have always admired the use of raw material and maintaining it to such a high standard  to make it looking its best. Wood is a beautiful material and in the company Split Grain they show off that true beauty.


Reclaimed Cedar on steel base w/3 LED’s, Floor switch and dimmer, 39″ tall.


Function- Split Grain is a company who make minimalist split wood lights for the home/office and any contemporary space. Split Grain light sculptures and steel suspension artworks include floor standing, tabletop and wall sculptures to enhance any thoughtful, contemporary space.

Materials- The materials used are mainly wood like cedar on a steel base with LED lights. The wood is normally reclaimed wood is is foraged in the California region. The balance between organic nature and refined technological materials is what Foeckler strives for in each piece with the added intention to aesthetically elevate both.

Craftsmanship-There is evidence of great skill here in wood and electronics. The wood is cut and sanded to perfection, the layers are cut with great care. The artist says each light can involve up to 100 hours of labor as he selects the right section of wood, slices, sands, and reassembles each piece. I think the end result looks professional and to a very high standard.

Expression- The Split Grain highlights the beauty in nature by placing emphasis on the beauty of the material which is the wood. The wood is cut and sanded to such a high standard it brings out the beauty and quality of the texture of the grain which is really lovely. For me it is great to see an artist who takes such joy in bringing out the true beauty in the materials used.

Innovative- I find this piece to be inspiring because of the use of material, even though many light designers and makers use wood as a primary material it is clear to see how much effort has gone into making the wood look its best and it does. Its aesthetically pleasing and would belong in any environment. I would love to be able to source my own materials and produce an object which shows off the quality of the materials.


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