GESAMTKUNSTWERK (Alejandro Duran-Derrame (Spill) )

Upon browsing the terms ‘found/art/recycling’ I found this artist who uses trash to make installation art alongside the beach upon where it is found, to highlight the global concern of ocean pollution. I found the work to be quite positive upon first glance but when reading into it I found out the colours and bright exterior are there to highlight the truth of pollution.


Derrame (Spill), 2010.


Function- This is an installation piece of art to highlight the problems of waste and rubbish getting thrown away. He works along a coastline in Mexico’s largest federally protected reserve collecting bits of trash that washes up on shore from locations around the world. Using the rubbish he produces site specific installations which is apart of his on going projected called ‘Washed up’.

Materials- Duran’s installation ‘Derrame’ is made from found plastic bottle tops, arranged in a liquid formation to represent the idea of a leakage. The colourful bottle tops are arranged to look aesthetically pleasing to blend in with the beautiful landscape it surrounds, but these are not placed there just to look visually pleasing but to highlight the global catastrophe of ocean pollution.

Craftsmanship-I think there is skill in the transformation of found trash into something visually pleasing and also thought provoking. Duran scouts the shore lines for the collection of his chosen waste product commonly found in this case it is the bottle tops and arranges them in a smooth transformation to echo the shape of water/oil leak.

Expression- I think this installation alongside his other installations from his ‘Washed up’ project are thought provoking, there is drama in his work and that helps to emphasize the big problem of ocean pollution. I also think the bright coloured plastic helps to bring attention to the work.

Innovative- I love the use of trash here to highlight the key issues like the pollution in to the ocean, I think these brightly coloured sculptures would have a completely different meaning if they were say in a gallery. The use of waste to represent and highlight this issue is clever and thought provoking. I would like to recycle in my own practice and maybe address an issue to highlight like pollution.


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