GESAMTKUNSTWERK (Tomomi Kamoshita- A gift from the Waves)

I saw this artist when I was browsing through This Is Colossal which is a blog that explores art and other aspects of visual culture. I was drawn to the mosaic-like structure, and the ideas of using found objects which were ‘gifted’ to her by the sea.


Tomomi Kamoshita, Gift from the Waves, 2015-16, Kin-tsungi, Ceramic shards, sea-glass, lacquer, brass powder, 15 x 211 1/2 in, 38.1 x 54.6 cm.

Function- These ceramic/glass sculptures are made into chopstick rests. These pieces are made as tableware to hold cutlery upon. I find these really beautiful, although they are not necessarily needed they are there as an added extra for a tableware set. They are aesthetically pleasing. We cannot also shy away from what the ceramic shards used to be. What was their function in their previous state.

Materials- The materials used here are ceramic shards, sea-glass, lacquer, brass powder and kin-tsungi. Kamoshita has collected washes up ceramic fragments and sea-glass upon the sea shore and combined her found objects with her own shards of ceramic work using a Japanese traditional repairing technique called ‘Kintsugi’ which connects the broken pieces together with gold.  By doing so the cracks are accentuated.

Craftsmanship- Kamoshita is a potter who re-uses her broken ceramic work alongside other found ceramic/glass fragments. Using old traditional skills and techniques known as kintsugi she bonds them together. Using this skill she can manipulate the fragments into what ever shape she chooses. I admire this skill, the use of recycling in such an in depth form.

Expression- I think these piece show beauty, the idea of taking literal rubbish from the sea and turning them into something re-usable and of worth now is remarkable. I love these pieces from Kamoshita and hope that other people find beauty in these pieces too. It reminds me of relics being found and being polished up and cared for back to health to regain its old historical worth.

Innovation- I find Kimoshita’s work inspiring as its recycling and finding historical ceramic fragments. I love this idea, taking something which is ‘rubbish’ lost as sea and using it and making it into something new and usable again. I am inspired by the use of found objects in her own work and being able to manipulate them into something she wants to create. I really find this work to be beautiful not only in a visual sense but also in her concept of practice.


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