GESAMTKUNSTWERK (Susan Cohn – Necklace)

On a visit to the V&A museum and gallery in London, I came across the Contemporary jewellery, within the section I found this designer/maker Susan Cohn, I was drawn to the colourful visor. Susan Cohn chooses to integrate everyday ‘found objects’, such as sunglasses, to create jewellery with a critical outlook on our society, contemporary life and ecological concerns.


Susan Cohn, Necklace, 1995-1996, Aluminium, Gold, Steel and Cord with Found Objects.

Function- This necklace is a wearable piece. Could be seen as a fashionable item which highlights the combination of technology and fashion. This contemporary necklace is made from found materials like microphones and sunglasses which had their own purposes before.

Materials- The materials used in this necklace is Aluminum, Gold, Steel and cord with found objects, ‘Oakley’ sunglasses and Microphone parts. Susan Cohn used found objects to incorporate into her work, she is fascinated by technology and uses them in her work.

Craftsmanship- Susan Cohn trained as a graphic designer, before graduating in gold- and silversmithing at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology in 1980. Her skills involves creating contemporary jewellery using found objects in a aesthetic and professional manner. Her necklace looks like it belongs as an item of jewellery and has lost its original functions of found objects.

Expression-I don’t find it to be too expressive mainly because of its robotic and technical exterior. I think it is a piece which makes you think. I like to explore further into it’s conceptual meanings like the idea of the glasses lens reflecting the visual concept of technology and the microphone being another idea of communication.

Innovative- I find this to be inspiring because of the connections between technology and jewellery, and how both can come together to be a fashionable piece. I think it challenges me as an artists designer and maker, because of the contemporary design of technology and jewellery, it makes me think how I can combine the old and the new.


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