V & A

I managed to visit the V&A gallery,museum in London when we visited. I wanted to look at the Jewellery section the most and I found some curious pieces which I wanted to photograph but I wasn’t allowed to so I wrote down the artists and found them later on the V&A website under the jewellery collection, so all the images seen here is from the V&A website.

The first Artist/Jewellery designer I saw was Wendy Ramshaw. I saw this beautiful Ring set called the ‘White Queen Ring Set’ made in 1975.


This Ring set was inspired by Lewis Carroll’s Alice through the looking glass. There is gold with sapphires, pearl, enamel and acrylic stand with golden crown. I love how elegant this piece looks. It is fit for royalty but is also delicate with a geometric design on the ring set. I will be looking more into Wendy Ramshaw’s work as this piece is truly inspiring.
The next designer/maker I saw was Susan Cohn with her Necklace made from found materials. This piece is made from  Aluminium, gold, steel and cord with found objects (‘Oakley’ sunglasses lenses and microphone parts).
Cohn’s necklace looks futuristic, I have been very interested lately in the use of found objects and materials and re-using them, and here is a perfect example of this. the glasses lens is used here to possibly symbolize wings and they do look completely remodeled.
The next maker I wish to highlight was Cathy Harris with her ‘Clear Circuit’ Neck piece made from Perspex with incised decoration. Made in 1992.
I really love the pattern here, the geometric shapes alongside these circular patterns. I would have loved to see how this would sit on the human form and how would the pattern do visibility wise, would it stand out or fade into the skin.
There were loads of other artists and work which I really loved so here is a few of them.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I also visited the furniture department and I don’t normally find an interest n furniture but this chair/bench I really liked. This Chair Bench was made by Gitta Gschwendtner in 2012.


I just really loved the variety of shapes and the historical sense of how chairs have developed throughout the ages. Chair bench makes you sit down and makes you consider furniture from unexpected perspectives. The designer chose six chairs that were made from different woods and a range of techniques.  She then mismatched the pieces playfully and came up with this order and design.


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