Chelsea Design Centre

I visited the Design Centre at Chelsea Harbour, Described as ‘couture for the home’ it is well-established as the world’s premier destination for design excellence. More than a resource, it is a thriving platform, both creatively and commercially, for an exceptionally dynamic industry. Home to 120 showrooms and over 600 of the world’s most prestigious luxury brands, it is the largest of its kind in Europe. I was surprised to see the scale of this design center and there was loads to look at and explore, even though furniture and textiles does not interest me I found myself to be looking more into the material combinations and quality. Here is a few images I took of what seemed to interest me.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I seemed to like more of the softer shapes. I loved the wooden frames against the soft furnishings or smooth glass. There were a few shops you wasn’t allowed to photograph and in one of those shops i saw an LED lit up rug and it was beautiful, I never thought how you could combine lights in everyday house hold objects, maybe  I could explore that more.




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