GESAMTKUNSTWERK (Secret Wood-Waltz of the Winds)

I chose to include the design company ‘Secret Wood’ into my project because it is something I would inspire to make. Secret Wood is a  designer from Canada who makes one of a kind Rings, using resin and wood. They capture landscapes within the resin making it your own personal retreat.


This ring is called ‘Waltz of the Winds’ and is made to order. It’s made from fresh sapele wood, light blue jewellery resin and white swirls.

“Take a little dose of clear blue skies and dancing clouds and what do you get? Waltz of the winds! feel the rush between your feet and fly away” –

Function-Secret Wood make wooden and resin rings which are made to be worn. Anyone can purchase these rings online and they are then made to order. These rings are made to look aesthetically pleasing and they are beautiful. I think these rings are a little ephemeral because the wood will eventually decay unless kept in pristine condition. They must not be soaked in water as they will wear away. They are wearable which is a positive function as the wearer will promote their brand.

Materials- The materials used in this particular ring is sapele wood and light blue resin with white swirls. I am interested in the combination of both wood and resin. I love how seamless the wood binds with the resin to create a smooth and contemporary exterior. The interior is amazing, I love the landscapes encased inside. It shows a slice of a new world and the more you look into it the more you get lost in the depth.

Craftsmanship- There are made skills evident here, the rings are hand crafted from sapele wood and need to be made to cater for different shapes of the fingers, this takes skill alone. It is the sanded and painted to produce a smooth exterior. They the resin needs to be poured and molded on the top of the wood and needs to be made into a landscape, which I am not sure how that is done. The final outcome is contemporary and beautiful, which takes a lot of work to polish up the edges.

Expression- I loved these rings as soon as I saw them. I was mesmerized by the small scenery. I love the abstract landscapes and how the wood was blended in so well with the resin. I was impressed with the idea of exploring your own secret world which was small enough to rest on your fingers. They really are beautiful.

Innovative- These rings have inspired me to explore more with my combination of materials in my practice and see how well they will fit together.I love the use of resin in my work and would be interested to know more of how these skills are done. Maybe I can contact the company and look further into the process undertaken here.


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