GESAMTKUNSTWERK Katie Haywood (Weave Exhibition) 

Katie Haywood was another Artist whom I had seen in ‘Weave’ the exhibition down Cardiff Bay. Her work shown in the photo above is titled  ‘Crop’ and ‘Shuttle’ both made from porcelain and cotton. 

I was drawn to katie’s work because of the use of material, the strong cotton rope being held up by the fragile porcelain. They come together quite beautifully to portray a functioning link, or so it seems. Her work reminded me off the human body the porcelain being the bones and the coloured cotton symbolic of veins and blood vessels. The delicate yet complex structure. They also seemed quite nautical to me. They looked like they belonged on a boat to help anchor the ship.

Function- Kate Haywood makes these poetic structures which she explains they ‘function visually’. They look like they are meant to be apart of a system of pulleys, but the material prevents this. I do love the idea of having an object with the illusion of having a function.

Material- I was drawn to this object because of the combination of the materials used. The delicate/fragile porcelain against the strong cotton bound rope. The materials add to the fragility of the piece and the illusion of a strong functioning element.

Craftsmanship- There are many skills evident here. Haywood shows her ability to weave and plait colourful cotton string to create a rope. Also the ability to produce fragile bone like structures out of porcelain.

Expression- Katie Haywood was one of the main artists I was drawn to in the ‘Weave’ exhibition, mainly because the use of materials. I was interested in the combination of the ceramic and cotton materials. Things that don’t necessarily belong together but complement each other perfectly.

Innovative- I found the objects beautiful and inspiring. It made me think of what materials I could put together but wouldn’t necessarily go together. It made me think a lot about material, and how picking the right material could benefit my work more, conceptually.


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