Who am I? (Make your mark)

I am S W Artist Designer Maker, I am a jewellery designer and maker. I love to combine materials, (objects found and objects made) together that wouldn’t normally go together. I pick out details in normally hidden items. For this project it was technology and nature. I highlight the beauty and detail in objects that you wouldn’t normally see by trapping them in a resin dome which acts as a lens which then zooms in further to bring out more detail. I like to create visually interesting pieces of jewellery. Something which makes the viewer to look closer and wonder what is in the dome. With this series I wanted to bring together nature and technology and find the similarities in them, in this instance I found linear/colours/shape that I wouldn’t normally see.
I would sell my jewellery in galleries like craft in the bay and Giles gallery. I also hope to set up an online website to promote and sell my jewellery there. I should find some work experience in the resin jewellery realm which would benefit me even more.

In third year I want to continue to make jewellery but combine materials which wouldn’t normally go together like pewter and resin. To further myself I will need to do plenty more research in materials/forms and concepts if I am to be successful in the industry. I would like to progress further and look at altering nature and bond motherboards with leaves. There is so much detail in the smallest of materials and I want to explore that further. I am excited to be leaving this year with more ideas in this field.


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