Making My Box Frame For My Light

My frame for my light was originally meant to be paper/card but after a long discussion with myself  and tutors I decided to look into using wood for my light material because although card/paper is visually pleasing and cheap and an easy source of material to use, It wasn’t strong enough and it would break quickly, so I started looking into different wood.

I wanted my light to remain reasonably cheap for the market but also I wanted it to look aesthetically pleasing. Huw suggested I look into thin timber or plywood.

I started off by purchasing timber. but as I was making my frame, I found it too bulky and not very delicate, so I decided to scrap that material. I then started looking for materials like plywood and woodchip. I started looking in my shed to see if there were any materials I could salvage.  I came across this white laminated hardboard which was ideal, it was thin and aesthetically pleasing. So I started to markup shapes and sizes and starting putting the frame together.

Because the wood was super thin, it would crack if I was to hammer nails into it so I purchased super strong adhesive to hold the sides together. I then also purchased wood to make a border so I could then attach the sides easily.

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Using a vice and some pegs I glued the sides together and let it dry. I will assemble the light together once It has dried.

For the front of the light I made a frame out of the white hardboard ready for my patterned design. I then printed off my leaf pattern onto the tracing paper and added a card frame ready for the light assemblage at a later date.



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