My Overall Reflection For Field

I was really pleased with the field modules because it gave us an opportunity to explore deeper into subjects we were interested in and what we wouldn’t normally do. I enjoyed reading through all the subjects that were on offer and my choices were ‘Riverscapes and Sequences’ and ‘Faking it’, I was over the moon to have gotten my first choices.

I started off the second term with Riverscapes and Sequences, I knew I would enjoy this subject because it had that fine art approach, which I miss in the Maker course. I was very happy with my outcome because I got to work in the photography studio which I also really enjoy doing. My outcome was a single image but I had re-worked that image multiple times and by doing so I created something that reflected my time on the subject and a final piece for the project which I thought ticked all boxes. This was my final outcome on the Riverscapes and Sequences project-


At the end of the project they asked us how we could take this further and I said it would the starting inspiration to make my light for the ‘Delight in Light Project’ in Subject, and It has been one of the main components for my light (the pattern on the light).


I found cross overs from this project with that because the subject matter was nature and I got to explore it so much in the project. I think Riverscapes and Sequences has developed me incredibly so as a young artist because it regained my love for fine art, for drawing from the source, for experimental material and experimental process which I really love to do and it gave me that motivation to follow the path I want to lead and to not detour from that. The project gave me so many skills from working in the print room to directly drawing from the source, It also developed my photography skills which I would love to take further after finishing the year. Overall Riverscapes and Sequences was a great project and I really had fun and created some lovely work in a short space of time.

My next project was Faking it, I have never worked or made any prop design but it has always been an interest of mine because I love the theater and often watch productions there. This project was a live brief and also ran for 5 weeks. I learnt so much from this project especially how stressful it is to keep to the live brief and how to cater to clients needs and wants. In groups we had to make a prop or set for a Gala Dinner for Age Cymru whose theme this year was Roald Dahl. I was in a group with Carter and Becky and we were given Georges Marvelous medicine.Children’s books and movies was a great subject for me because I am a child at heart. I enjoyed this project so much, even though it was stressful, our outcome looked great.


I developed my team working skills, one of the team members didn’t pull their weight so me and another team member had to carry the project ourselves, but our outcome was successful. From this project  I have learnt time keeping within a live brief and how to keep to the clients needs. I think these skills are transferable to my subject because they will help me in future projects. I really loved Faking It. It has influenced me greatly and is something I would like to go into. I hope to get some more experience in that field by undertaking some work experience in summertime.


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