Delight in Light Design sheet #1

For the delight in light project we are advised to make design sheets to go alongside our working maquette for summative assessment. I spoke to Huw to see what needed to be included in them, he suggested I make one for the final light showing all details of the light and an ortho view of the light. He then suggested I make a development page on the other sheet showing my initial idea and how I developed it into the final light.

For the Delight in Light project I wanted to create a light that had 2 functions, I wanted one function to reflect a professional and contemporary view and on the other to have a more relaxed and a playful side (Day/Night mode). I started off by using nature as my theme. I initially wanted to create a ceiling light that was cheap and made for the home.
The inspiration of my light came from Tape Numen that I saw in Cardiff in the summer, I found myself to be very interested in the form of the sellotape cocoon which was attached, from tree to tree. I also loved the material used because after it is finished in the exhibition all the material can be recycled to make bird houses for the environment It would be great if my light could be recyclable too. The shapes reminded me of a cell structure. From that I went off to look at tree and animal habitats. I visited my local forest and started photographing the trees. I wanted to use the cell as a possible form for my light idea.


My first idea was a ceiling light which was going to resemble the tree structure with branches coming off, within the branches there would be little silhouettes of wildlife who you would find living on that tree. I wanted the material to be recyclable, so I chose to use cardboard tubes. I wanted the light to shine through the tubes and project the silhouettes of the animals on the walls around the room. When the light is off all you can see is the cardboard circular structure with these branches climbing out of the centre but when the light is on the animals will play a crucial part in the narrative of the light. The light I would use would be a large tube light to run through the base. The target market would be a household with children, because of the hidden silhouettes. I wanted this light to tell a story and to educate younger children. The only issues with this light was the material, because of the cardboard it would look cheap and may then not look appealing to the buyer.


I went back to the drawing board and developed my ideas further. I wasn’t happy with the material so I wanted to use card or paper to get that cleaner feel. I then moved on and designed a wall light. I wanted to use LED strip lights to illuminate the inside of the light because LED do not give off much heat so I can use them with paper/card. I kept the tree theme and looked more into the pattern in the bark, I started drawing from real life and I produced these contemporary patterns to use for the shade. I would then have a silhouette of an animal in the middle. The only issues with this light would be how would I move the silhouette and how can I hide the silhouette for the day style light. I would have to experiment and design it further.


On my third developmental stage I researched further into Wall lights and what shape was popular at home. I decided to take it to a more basic shape, like a cube. I then looked at what lights I could use and found some really useful LED ceiling panels online for reasonably cheap, I bought one and then I altered the electrics so you can plug it in at home. I wasn’t happy with the paper/card materials so I went on to look at wood and how that would look. Even though the price would go up it would look better aesthetically. I would have to keep the front paper because I will need to produce a shadow through it, but would have to be opaque to hide the silhouette inside. I started experimenting with printing on to tracing paper, I used patterns I had created in my field project to print on the paper. The outcome was effective.




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