Capturing detail in my Leaf Pendants

In the Make your Mark Project I started looking at motherboards and how detailed they were and how we normally don’t really notice how detailed they are until you look closer or when you get them fixed because they are normally hidden away in a plastic shell to hide all of the robotics. I wanted to look at how I could pick up these details but I wasn’t sure how to incorporate them into jewellery, so I put that idea to one side and focused on another of my interests which is nature, but nature was a broad topic so I took the ‘capturing detail’ idea and went along with that. I wanted to capture the detail in these sections of leaves and I think it’s been achieved perfectly. The leaves were taken locally outside of my  house and although these forms are small the detail is incredible. The colours/ patterns and tonal quality in these tiny sections of leaves are amazing. I really couldn’t believe a tiny leaf would still hold so much detail. When placed into the resin dome it seemed to emphasise the detail even more which benefited my project even more.


I wanted to make the leaves into earrings and I tried out some for an experiment and here are the results. They looked lovely captured in what looked like a rain droplet but they are incredibly small and I found it difficult to hide the earring back, so for the next experiment I will need to make a larger circle to hide the earring back and the glue. I think these have potential to look really lovely, I just need to work on the sizings.


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