Make your mark-Making my jewellery more interesting

After my tutorial with Huw we agreed that my resin pendant’s with the leaves in was a little boring and simple so I started to look at what ways I could change my idea to make it more interesting and new. I started to look at shape and found out my shape was very common from looking at research. So maybe I could alter that but I went back to my idea of combining technology. I found out that the dome pendants I created made perfect lenses. When I hovered them over pages they zoomed in and was successful. I decided to use a motherboard I salvaged from a computer technician, and played around with putting sections beneath the dome after many experiments with the sections and finding the perfect angles I created a few samples.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I am really happy with the outcomes as they are really interesting to look at. The details in the leaves have picked up really well in the resin. The only issue is that the leaves won’t last forever, making them ephemeralater but the pieces of the motherboard will so even after the leaves die the motherboard will remain. Which would be interesting to see again. I will need to Polish up my jewellery before photographing them.

Overall I think this could be a possible future career for me, I enjoy making and crafting jewellery.


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