Tutorial with Huw

Seeing as my last tutorial didn’t go too well I decided to come prepared with all the things I needed help with because I tend to suffer in silence with my work but I was making sure I would ask today, so I wrote down all my problems to discuss.

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The tutorial was with Huw, who I feel comfortable talking to because he was an old tutor in college.  I started off with the light project and the issues that I had-

  • What do I need to include on my design sheets?
  • What material can I use for my frame? (Apart from Paper)
  • Who would be my target market now? (due to my ideas altering)
  • Price?

What do I need to include on my design sheets? With this question I had a rough idea from our previous talk with a design tutor but I had a lot of information and I wasn’t sure what was the most important that needed to be included. Huw was very helpful with this because he is a design tutor, and he suggested I have one design sheet for final product with an ortho view of my light and a detailed description. On on my other sheet he suggested I add my development of my idea from the start and a description of why I wanted to create this light.

What Material can I use? I told her that I was unhappy now using paper because of the fragility and breakable quality and I wanted to use something stronger and more appealing to the viewer. I started to look at wood but I wasn’t sure what wood to use. Huw suggested I use the laser cutter and make the whole frame out of ply wood, that would have been great but I am really bad with technology and suffer greatly with it. If there was more time I could get more support but at this moment I needed something else. He then suggested I use timbre and make it by hand making sure the frame was accurate. So I will need to look into timbre and prices of that. Using Timbre will increase the price because of time and material but I think it will be worth it.

Target Market? Because I have altered my ideas multiple times I am edging more into children/Teen market because of the ‘cuteness’ quality and the decorative-ness of the piece.

Price? This one I won’t be able to work out until I Physically make the piece because I keep altering my ideas. When I complete the piece I will need to sum up my material costs and maker costs and work out where that fits in.

Huw was incredibly helpful and I was glad I went in for my tutorial instead of hiding my head and hoping the problems would work themselves out. He understood my ideas and spoke to me on a level I understand which is always helpful. He also drew up his ideas which I could keep which was handy for re-capping.

I really need to crack on with my work!!


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