Test Samples (Make Your Mark)

I started making some test samples from resin. I purchased some resin online and the pack came with everything I needed. For my test samples I purchased a ‘Cake Pop’ silicone mould. I was hoping I would have spherical resin samples, but when I poured the resin it just leaked through the very thin gap and went everywhere. With that disaster I tried to salvage the experiment and scraped the resin into another part of a mould, which I found lying around in the shed. I thought the results would be awful because of the mess I made.

But I was pleasantly surprised when I went to check on the aftermath the day later. The resin needed 24 hours to dry but it was still wet when I had checked so I left it for another day just in case. Here were the results…

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Overall I was pleased, the shape needs a lot of work but the resin was clear and picked up the details in the leaves perfectly. I think the half sphere shape worked well because when dried it acted like a lens which picked out emphasis on the detail even further. I will need to make more test samples, trialing out more shapes and leaf colours/patterns. It needs a lot of work but I think the end result will look contemporary and interesting to the viewer.


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