Make your Mark-Natural Resources

I started off my trying to combine nature and the idea of mother boards I took some leaves which I found in my garden and started drawing a motherboard pattern on them. These were the results. They were interesting to see the contrast of the black pattern vs the natural bare leaf. It just wasn’t enough.

I then went out and gathered more leaves, I started to cut out basic shapes out of the leaves, I really liked the contrast of the negative space that started to appear in the natural sources.

I found the detail in the small sections of the nature to be so interesting they were delicate but so detailed. They were similar to the motherboards because they had these linear designs with very detailed sections that was all connected.

Using these cut sections of leaves I had found in my garden I thought I would test out some in resin to see the outcomes. I Loved the detail and colours that appeared in the smallest of nature. It was truly beautiful. I hope to echo this in my jewellery.



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