Artists who make Natural Resin Jewellery

I know trapping natural sources are very common in jewellery making and there is a lot of market out there for them. I think my ideas slightly differ because of the contemporary shaped natural sources but I am not sure how well that would go down. I started to look into the popular artists who trap natural resources into resin for jewellery and see how they can benefit my ideas or inspire me further.

The first artist I had found was a company called Lost-Forest who produce Eco resin jewellery. The designer is called Gillian Corcoran who is from Dublin, she combines natural resources with gold and silver leaf to create these beautiful pendants. The processes she uses and products she makes are Eco friendly and Nature friendly.

The website is


The next artist I found was Modern Flower Child, She showcases and sells her work online, She makes beautiful jewellery and encases flowers and plants in resin. Each piece of handmade artisan jewellery on her website is an original design and is a tribute to the beautiful things nature offers us.


I then searched a generic ‘Resin Real Flower Jewellery’ on Etsy and a lot of similar jewellery popped up. I felt a bit taken a back because of the huge market but my designs are a little bit different so I hope this will be good enough to sell and a collection.


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