Personal Overview of the projects

After Coming back from Easter I thought I would have fresh eyes and new ideas ready for my projects but I have been having an awful time with a creative block and Anxiety. I was happy with my light idea and seemed to carry on with that project reasonably well but I also wanted to create my own range of jewellery for the ‘Make Your Mark’ Project. The ‘Make your Mark’ Project seemed to put me in limbo, I wanted to create jewellery based from nature and the details in nature but I wasn’t sure what materials to use and what natural resources to use. After a lot of overthinking and having a constant battle in my head I decided to give up and concentrate on the light and try to get a final product for the end of year show. I just hope 3-4 weeks will be enough to work on them.

This week I had a tutorial with Pip about my light. It wasn’t as much positive feedback as I would have liked but I think she could she I was struggling and gave me a new avenue to explore with it. Which I am very grateful for. After the tutorial I started to think about the Make your Mark project and how it would be beneficial in my future career as a jewellery designer/maker so I am now going to attempt it again (short notice I know).

There are a few mental notes I need to take down and they are that I need to start believing in my ability as a Maker because my negativity towards myself does swallow all of that. I need to focus on the future and not give in so easily to my anxiety and depression. So from a personal journey I need to move onwards and upwards and Stay Determined!



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