Make your Mark Recap

For the Make your mark project I wanted to create my own range of jewellery. I was inspired to do so after crafting some for Fete’s. I started looking into nature and how I could incorporate that into my ideas. I also went in a total opposite direction and looked at Technology and Motherboards. I started to look at how I could combine the both but I really struggled with that idea so I started thinking of what similarities there were between the both and why I was so interested in them.

The key theme I was interested in was the complex detail contained within a basic shape. With the motherboard they had all these small components all attached together moulded into a basic rectangular shape. In a leaf they had all these small bright veins all joined together to form a basic leaf shape. The idea of zooming in on nature and discovering all the veins and cracks in the leaves with combine to create a intricate pattern astounded me.

For the Make you Mark project I want to go into nature and take a section of a leaf or a flower with has a interesting pattern up close and contain it in a basic shape. I started thinking about materials and I thought resin would be ideal to trap and contain the natural element. I am not sure of shapes yet but I will need to experiment that.


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