Delight In Light- Tutorial

On Tuesday I had a tutorial with Pip because I really needed help. I was struggling to see my idea come to life, I kept questioning my idea and how it would be beneficial. After a chat with Pip she suggested I go back and research and test out more materials because she was unsure of how professional my light would look. I think I would like to research more into wood and how that would make my light look. She also said I really need to see where my product would fit in the light market. I am unsure I thought about a household wall light but due to the silhouette function would that make it more of a child’s light. I will need to think more into that. I am really bad when it comes to talking about my ideas out light and I never seem to transcribe them very well. Pip had a hard time understanding my idea so when it comes to designing my design sheets I need to make them clear and crisp.

Lots of progress to be done.


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