Light Project- Light Source

For the source of light, I wanted to use either LED Strip lights to line the inside the box of the shade or I wanted to use a light box/ panel light. I started off by researching the prices and how I would source the lights.

For the strip lights they ranged between £6-£20 depending on colour and sizes, strip lights were okay but I wasn’t sure if just a border of lights around the box were gonna be bright enough so I started researching panels.. For the Panel lights they ranged from £8-£30. I found the perfect light panel on Amazon, it was 18W LED square Recessed ceiling panel (Day White colour) for £7.59.

The only issue was that its purpose was for a ceiling light so it didn’t come with a plug, I simply wired one in and tested it and it worked!, the light is so powerful and I am very happy with how thin the light is. I will need to add a fixture onto the back so I can hang it onto the wall, but that should be simple enough to do.

I began testing it out with my light shade and it was bright and really brought out the features of the light.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

My next job is to get the correct measurements of the light and start making my paper light shade.


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