Light Project- Ladybug

For my nature light I wanted hidden creatures to appear when you pulled something or moved something, so it would change the dynamic of the light. Changing the mood from business to a more relaxed atmosphere.

I started to research woodland animals found in my local area. The main animals I focused on was squirrels, birds, and insects like a ladybug.

I decided to make a ladybug silhouette which would appear when you flick a switch. I used an image I found online. I traced over the image onto paper and carefully cut around it. I then glued and another piece of paper on the bottom to layer it. So some light would be visible behind the silhouette . I then coloured and let it dry.

I tested my silhouette behind the printed paper and it looked lovely, the only issue is that the silhouette needs to remain close to the paper otherwise the silhouette wouldn’t be very clear. This means that I might need to change the shape of my design.


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