Light Project-Experimenting with shape and movement

After creating my silhouette I found that the shape needed to change so the silhouette could sit flat onto the surface so it would be clear and easy to read when lit up.

I started to look at more of a rectangular/cube shape rather than a cylinder because with the cylinder it would distort the silhouette. So I started making maquettes. I really liked the rectangular shape as it didn’t distort the pattern and it will not distort the ladybug silhouette.

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The next issue was movement, using a light box I started to experiment with how I could move the hidden silhouette without disrupting light and how I could find a way to move the silhouette easily, with a flick of a switch or even a pop up feature which would relate back to the recyclable element of the design.

I have added a video of that process here —>

I then went on thinking about how movement of the light could reveal the surprise element of the silhouette. I thought about making the lampshade to move like a curtain blinds, when you pull a string the blind would become a blind then when you release it would return back to the more relaxed lampshade with the hidden silhouette.


There was a lot of issues that would arise if I went along with that design, firstly the paper would eventually rip or tear. There was an issue with the movement the paper wouldn’t fold very well so it was hard to change the design, here is a video of me moving the design —>

I decided to stick to the rectangular shape and I would have to make a mechanism inside the light to reveal the hidden silhouette. I started off by mounting my design onto a thin wooden stick so I could move it around and play with positioning. After a lot of movement experiments I think I will make a little box for the pole to slot into and to keep it steady, but also having room for it to move. I will need to make more maquettes to test out first before attempting a final one.

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