Light Project Recap

The truth is I haven’t done any work on this project in a few months so I came back to the project with fresh eyes and it has really helped. My initial idea was to create a paper light which was delicate and could be recycled, using nature as my inspiration. I wanted it to have 2 functions a business mode and a more relaxed fun mode.

When I left the project I was struggling with materials, I wanted something translucent for the light to shine through but also it had to be covered in a pattern to not reveal the inside. Here was a drawing of my initial idea.


I have stayed to the same semi cylinder shape, I have started to experiment with the material. I have thought about porcelain, but it isn’t as recyclable as when I wanted,so  I left that. Next I looked at acrylic plastic maybe sandblasted and vacuum formed into the cylinder shape but it isn’t easy to recycle so I crossed that off the list. I then went back to paper and started to print the pattern I wanted to use on different materials. Here are some of the results.


Here is the Pattern I wanted to use, this piece was from my field project where we had to respond to nature through multiple mediums, here is a photograph negative layered and repeated. 


Here is the pattern printed onto clear plastic, the result was pretty bad. The ink just rested onto the film so it wouldn’t dry. 


Here is the pattern printed onto paper which I found in the kitchen, I really like this result as it was perfect for the light. It was luminous but not clear and the pattern had a lovely effect on the paper. 

For my light I will be using greaseproof paper printed with my design using the printer. I will need to make a frame next and find a suitable light source and figure how I can incorporate my animal inside.


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