Viewing My Medal in Craft in the Bay

I was extremely excited to view the Makers medal exhibition in the craft in the bay. I was pleased to see how well it was presented. I was worried my medal wouldn’t have fit in with the other medals because of the mixed materials I had used, but I think it belonged. I am so happy I made the deadline for the medal exhibition in the bay. Here are some photographs I had taken from my visit.


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Here is my statement which goes alongside my medal:

Bite The Bullet

I took inspiration of my medal from old fashioned sayings, In war time patients would bite down on a piece of wood when they were undergoing surgery, the wood was known as a billet so the procedure was known as ‘biting the billet’ which was later modified to bite the bullet. On the front of my medal I wanted a mouth biting a bullet and on the back I wanted shattered glass. I wanted it to reflect gun crime because it’s becoming a more popular issue. I wanted it to reflect how your decisions can backfire and you need to think before you act, violence is never the answer.

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