More Medalling

After I had finished my pewter mould, I started to plan out my resin back. Because of the holes in my mouth and the fact I wanted a bullet going through I had to be careful to prep my medal for the resin. I needed to plug up the holes using plasticine layered with a coat of lcp which helps the resin from sticking to the plasticine. I wanted my bullet to remain in the middle and to be stuck into the resin. so I needed to make sure it was straight and balanced and again I held it in place with plasticine. I used cellotape as a base for my medal to sit in and to keep it steady. I then put a layer of plastic around the medal to keep the resin secured in and I began to mix up the resin. The only issue was that the resin wasn’t the one we normally use in the university. The normal resin we ran out of so this was one we have never used before. I got my shattered glass ready and began to pour some in and layered that with resin. I then let it set for 24 hours.


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