Final Medalling…


After the resin had set I began the fun part, taking away the layers for the big reveal. I managed to pull off the plastic fine but I had quite a task of removing all the plasticine because of the amount I had put on to make sure it wouldn’t leak. Even with the amount of plasticine I had layered on the resin still managed to find its way through and I did have some leakages, nothing to bad that I couldn’t clean up, thankfully. The hardest part was removing the unwanted resin, I used a craft knife and made sure I was careful not to damage the pewter surface. My only issue with the finished piece was the quality of the resin, because it was a different kind of resin it came out a funny colour, It was more yellow than clear but I was just happy it came out alright and in time for Craft in the bay exhibition. If I was to re create another medal I would make sure to order some more crystal clear resin in for the more glassy effect. Here is the final result.

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