I made a silicone mould based from my plaster mould, this worked well but the only issue was that the pewter would be too thick and heavy then when poured due to the thickness. So I spoke to Martyn and he suggested a 2 piece mould, this way I would be able to thin out the medal. I took the existing mould and put a layer of plasticine over the top to create a film to sit between the moulds. I dug out sections on the edges so the mould would fit together perfectly afterwards. Before I could pour the silicone I had to paint 3 layers of lpg which would stop the silicone sticking to the other side. I poured the silicone (200 silicone to 55 silicone hardener) and let set for 24 hours.

I then went back to the studio and had a chat with Martyn to discuss the best way to pour the pewter. He suggested I make an air hole first so the hot air can escape the mould. I got a piece of metal dowelling which was thin and poked a hole through the silicone but because of the silicones rubber feature any hole I made it would just stick back together. So I left the rod in. I then started to pour the pewter. I need someone to pour and another person to put the mould together and hold it still.

The first two pours didn’t work out because I didn’t pour enough pewter in. The last pour of the day was the best but I still need to make another one, because it isn’t perfect, so I need to continue with this tomorrow. The deadline is monday so there is a mad rush to complete it. I really want it done now.

12834972_10205547398633599_1515783999_n (1)



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