Making your Mark- Ideas

I wanted to create my own jewellery to sell, but I have never made my own jewellery so its new to me, so I need to start at the beginning. I started looking at themes of jewellery, nature/technology/abstract/decorative. From that I started to research artists.

A few artists I have looked at was Kristiina Ploom/ Glover and Smith/ Claire Hillery/ Dukno Yoon/ Stacy Hopkins.

I looked at a mixture, I found myself drawn towards the more mixed media, natural side of it. Lots of jewellery have been created from natural influence so I decided to look at a more technical side, but I also wanted to incorporate the natural mediums too so why not combine the both? I think it will create a very interesting visual idea to explore.

I furthered my research into looking at motherboards because I found them to be quite beautiful objects which are rarely seen as they are hidden away in our technology. I then looked at some jewellery which contained motherboards.

The next question is how can I recreate a motherboard using natural resources or inspiration?





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